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New Florida Chapter site Worldwide Locator (click on the image of the earth as seen from space) Called the "Long-Range Detection Alumni Association", the 'HQ' Chapter is located at Patrick AFB, the home of AFTAC HQ. The WCC recommends you also consider joining/supporting this Chapter. At the very least, you should add your name and contact info to their on-line AFTAC Alumni Locator. The Alumni Locator is a good example of one of the tremendous services they provide to all AFTAC Alumni, including the Colorado and West Coast Chapters. They also publish a very fine, informative, multi-page triannual newsletter called the "POST-MONITOR". This website is worth your time to take a look, and membership in this chapter is definitely worth your money. We are grateful for their efforts on behalf of all AFTAC Alumni and their support of our chapter.
Colorado Chapter The Colorado Chapter is very active & has a good website with lots of useful info & other links
The AFTAC HQ Website The official AF ISR Agency AFTAC HQ website has good info & useful links to gov't web sites.
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